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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter hope

Beautiful weather...clear blue skies....Norfolk windmills, making you look to the sky. Easter has been mixed, times of real happiness that you want to capture and hold on to, mixed with times of real despair as all the relationships around you that are so important seem so hard.....At times like that it is hard to look to up. How do you lift yourself and rise- to not give in? Easter is about the grief, sadness that is followed by hope and joy.  I want to climb up that windmill and get to the top - I need to keep focussing on that sky.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Landscape of Life

What are days for? The beauty of spring, caught in the sunlight makes me stop. Weekends with friends provide space for laughter, reflection and the bond of being with people who understand and love you. After the stress of the week with no time to breathe these spaces are even more treasured. As we muse on the 'landscape of life' I wonder how much can we change our own landscape?  What control do we have, or is it how we walk within it? I am challenged on Sunday morning about how I can make a difference, about looking beyond me.  I want my landscape to be a place of giving, where there is space to breathe and time for the important......the challenge of the week commences.