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Sunday, 30 September 2012

this week

winding down is great. 

winding up is harder. 

but this week there was also... 

a long overdue dinner with a friend who had exciting news. 

a reunion of friends after a summer break. 

to be continued. weekly.

mental lists written and completed. 

time for family. 

watching little ones being taught. 

inspiring. moving. loving. 

time for reflection.

eleven years worth of dust. washed away.

time for friends. 

supportive. encouraging. sharing. 

me to them.

them to me.

show and tell.*

* do you know what these are?


*miniature wasps nests

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Relief

After a long week a day at the beach was needed.
Footsteps in the sand marked our path, as people enjoyed their Saturday.

On the way back home, Ellie told me that she 'quite liked me as a Mum as I was good at advice.' I don't know about that, but after a week where confidence has at times been hard to find it felt good. It's the small conversations that count.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

week off

last week i had a week off. it wasn't until i came to look at my photos for last week that i realised how successful i had been at switching off. from my camera. from my computer. from my email. i made a conscious decision to ignore emails but didn't realise how naturally i had avoided picking up my camera to document and my computer to connect. it was obviously much needed. still there are photos to look at. tellingly of family, friends and places i connected with.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wedding Day

 We were up early. Hair was unbraided

Bridesmaid dress put on....

Cousins waited - all looking so handsome....

The sun shone and the countryside looked stunning, it was a perfect wedding day.....

Afterwards everyone chatted as the sun set

And the party started.....

It was a beautiful day, filled with happiness, tears of family emotion at the marking of a milestone. It was even more special because of the history that has gone before this day, a history that has been a journey over 34 years. I have written before about my inability to see anything through beyond a few weeks, let alone years. Theirs is a testament of true love that has been through much to get to this day. On Saturday it was a privilege to share the joy of a plan fulfilled.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Wedding preparation

This weekend was the weekend my sister in-law got married.

Friday night was about preparation. Flowers packed in the car ready to be taken...

Petals from the garden that had been lovingly collected by my mother-in- law for her daughter, and wrapped ready to be thrown...

Hair put in plaits to look a fitting for a bridesmaid....

After months of planning on wedding eve the expectation and anticipation of the following day was in the air.....everything was ready.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

yellow and pink

sunday brought a change of location. my brothers house. we took the girls to a local family fun day. we walked, rode scooters, played games, petted animals, took rides on ponies and roundabouts, bumped into people we knew, talked about maybe running a 10k, ate lunch and listened to live music.

this is betsy and gloria.

gloria seeing my ever present camera asked what i was taking pictures of. when i answered yellow she asked if she could take some too.  when we got home the camera was strapped to her wrist and off she went.

next up was betsy. she chose all things pink.

i love that they got excited about this. i love their point of view. most of all i loved hanging out with my two nieces that distance precludes me doing on a more regular basis.