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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monday, 30 January 2012

Weekend Snapshot

Well, didn't manage to get to the PC all weekend due to a combination of tiredness from the week; and you need to form a queue to get near the pc in our house, and somehow I didn't get to first place....so on a Monday here is what we got up to at the weekend......

Hats......there is nothing quite like dressing up in hats with your best friend....trying on too much make up and then tottering around in heels....a perfect start to the weekend. As I type this though I wonder at what age do you stop being girly and messing around with outfits? I reckon next time we visit Em we should do a hunt through each others wardrobe and see what we can find....:)
Then I thought I would share with you the addiction that is currently in our house. It goes like this:

For those of you who don't know this is the art of cup stacking. It's all about the time...the critical count on the stop watch starts it off...then you get the cups, stack them up, and then stack them down. The sound of the cups on the granite permanently resonates round our house, as I am typing this now I can hear the cups clattering together again . Its an addiction against the clock, of doing something so simple but so frustrating.
I think I may shortly dream the noise in my sleep, but its better than hours of Xbox, and the current record is 12.3 seconds- only got to lose 8 seconds to be near the world record....
So a weekend of hats and cups was had; with a small adventure of finding a live mouse in the rabbit food, but I'll save that one for another day, except to say no one wants to feed the rabbit:)


Saturday, 28 January 2012

saturday snapshot

frosty sunshine day. some things planned. some things not planned. lovely.





Monday, 23 January 2012


anyone who knows me, anyone who ever sets foot in my house or stays in my spare room will always end up having a conversation with me about vogue magazine. why? well i've never thrown out a copy i have bought. ever. since 1989. the book shelves in my spare room groan under the weight. my living room is currently home to a stack that is taller than my 20 month old nephew. and he's tall for his age. 

this week i was given a belated christmas present. it's perfect for me.

a calender from vogue. the photos are black and white. i love it.  
it now sits on the shelf in my lounge. 

i will have new pictures every week. why? 

it's a tear off calender.

and the best part?

they are postcards. 

so watch out friends. snail mail is about to get interesting. the first one will have to go to clark and jamie to say a huge thank you. little did jane know but i am armed and up for the challenge she set down. cards or postcards, care to join in?


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday afternoon

It's been a bit of a mixed weekend, one of those weekends where lots of jobs get done that you never have time for in the week. This includes clearing out old clothes and taking bags to the Charity shop, attacking the growing pile of paperwork and moving the old, empty wine bottles. All stuff that is productive, and noble, but not particularly inspiring.
This afternoon I had a spare hour, so sat down to tackle another of those outstanding jobs, writing cards to people you need to catch up with, and would appreciate a card through their door.
I put some music on (Ed Sherian is perfect for this task) and sat down to write. It is a long time since I have written letters, and I had forgotten how long it takes. In yet there was something strangely satisfying about selecting a suitable card, and putting pen to paper. As well as a tick off the list, it was knowing that it would bring a smile to the person who would receive the envelope through their door, of doing something nice for someone.
So here is my challenge, (inspired by the lady who has made a cake every day for the last 9 months and given it to someone to make their day) (how does she do that?) anyway I divert....maybe we should all start seeing if we can send a card to someone each week, and bringing something good into their day, a glimmer amongst the weekly junk mail and bills that land on our doorstep.  Are you up for the task? All cards gratefully received......(and the postman will be happy too:))


Saturday, 21 January 2012


today i woke early. very early. thankfully it is the weekend. i lulled myself back to sleep. safe in the knowledge that no alarm needed to be set. ultimately i got up very late. today i have been running to catch up. something as simple as sleeping late got me thinking about time. time is short. but can feel long. time. it's easy to waste it. take it for granted. imagine you have lots of it. but do we? if we knew, would we live life differently? 

on new years eve i was with friends at a house party. we had jools hollands hootenanny on to bring in midnight. one of the artists performing was cyndi lauper. she looked fantastic. (work has been done). she performed her hit girls just want to have fun. i was reminded as i listened that i didn't buy that single but i did buy time after time which is my favourite track of hers. i found it on youtube. i don't remember this video at all. do you?


Friday, 13 January 2012

sunshine on a cold day

today has been a productive day. lots of items ticked off the to do list. today i have noticed the weather a lot. this morning the fog was thick. but the afternoon gave way to sunshine. a rare commodity in january. even if the cold front is arriving this weekend. today reminded me of a day i spent in windsor with rachel. the sun was so low we had to wear sunglasses. i can't remember another time when i have worn sunglasses on 2 january. driving back to her house we drove through the great park. this picture was taken then. hibernation may have been delayed so far this year but there is no doubt i will need to be reminded of it come the middle of february. drink it in.


Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Well this is officially my first post of 2012....I should be writing of hope for 2012, but this is the second week of January, and realism is biting.  This week is the first full week of life after the Christmas break, and wow is it a shock to the system.
For a start it is pitch black when the alarm goes off. No one should have to get up when it is dark, I am sure there should be some way in which working hours should start later in the winter.
Then once out of bed it is back into the chaotic routine of mornings, getting people up, endless rounds of toast and Nutella, and then the whirlwind out of the door to get to school and work on time. This morning in the chaos I managed to drive to work before realising I'd forgotten my laptop...so much for me being in control.
Finally at work after getting my laptop- and back to endless meetings, no space and difficult decisions. My feet have also forgotten after three weeks absence of what it is like to wear heels, so are protesting endlessly at being in an enforced space.
Evenings seem to be disappearing in a flash of tea, homework, activities and washing, then collapsing in bed before the alarm goes off.
Yet within the whirlwind, there are moments that make the day. To-day Ellie called me whilst she was getting dressed 'Mum come and look at this' ..I went to her room and she pointed out of the window....and there was the most gorgeous patterns and colours in the sky.

So tomorrow when the alarm goes off I know I will still want to hibernate...but the sunrise will come and take my breath away....and provide the moment to look up and give perspective on the day.


introducing lenny

this bundle of boy arrived late.  much to my sisters dissatisfaction.  given the complications, we are thankful to have the late arrival home, happy and healthy. welcome to the family lenny.   


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

i wear my sunglasses at night

jane and i saw quite a bit of each other over christmas. jane came north. i went south. the final time i saw her it was her birthday. we had a fun night. i took these photos. some were keener to pose than others.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

embracing 2012

i have been away for christmas and new year.  on new years day morning i lay in bed and a germ of a post started to formulate. i have been tardy in my posting.  the end of 2011 presented challenges that required all my energy to meet them head on.  head on they were met and whilst it was exhausting i am changed and exhilarated, keen to discover what 2012 holds for me.  new years day could quite easily have dealt me a different hand. 

i have travelled around the south of england visiting family and friends for the last 10 days. on new years day i was traveling from brighton to sunningdale, leaving one friend to join another.  i left during a downpour that we had watched all afternoon from the warmth of a happy home.  visibility was poor due to the rainfall. windscreen wipers deployed at their highest setting.  on the m25 i was counting down the junction numbers until i got to 13.  the overhead signs were telling us "spray. slow down".  i aquaplaned 3 times on standing water.  i was traveling in the outside lane of the four lane carriage way, despite the overhead warnings my speed was fast.  suddenly i was aware of headlights coming towards me.  the car in front had been plunged into a 360 degree spin.  i took my foot off the excelerator debating the merits of hitting the brakes whilst in the pool of water that had caused the car ahead to spin out of control.  i watched as balletic pirouettes were performed across three lanes of traffic in a backward diagonal motion.  heightened awareness viewed this maneuver in slow motion.  i had slipped into the latest bourne movie becoming a stunt driver extraordinaire.  the car spun three times before hitting the hard shoulder barrier.  it hit no-one.  my rear view mirror showed no pile up.  i headed towards the inside lane reducing speed as i went.

thirty minutes later i arrived at my friends house.  never before have i been so grateful to get out of a car.  the front door opened. i became a verbal assault to the ears as my adrenaline found it's escape route.  hugs were given and wine was poured. replaying the scene in my dreams i was awoken from sleep twice that night. i realised as i replayed the images what a narrow escape i had had.  the car in the third lane was a matter of inches away from joining the vehicle ballet that was choreographed by chance.  had that happened there would be no doubt that i would have been seriously injured or worse as the trajectory would have dictated my part in the dance.  the realisation that 2012 could have been a very short year for me has made me all the more resolved to embrace life.  life with all it's contradictions and hardships.  life with all it's happiness and woes. life with all it's challenges and hurdles.  life can change in an instant.  

i got back in my car the next day.  the short journey eased me back into my usual confident driving style.  that journey a res-bite journey compared with todays; a longer drive home in conditions that were not dissimilar to new years day.  i can now see how easy it would be to stop doing something that scares you.  i enjoy driving.  this has not put me off getting behind a wheel.  but it has reminded me; life is short.  you should embrace it everyday.  i was looked after on new years day. there is no doubt.  i am grateful. what does 2012 have to offer me? be it good or bad.  as they say in all the best action movies fear is not a option.