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Friday, 25 November 2011

Skimming the water

Well, haven't posted in ages..... It is very hard when battling with stress to feel
creative enough to write, and find inspiration or head space... So thought I better break my period of silence. Yesterday I didn't have a car, so had to walk to work. I started off with my laptop in my rucksack, and feeling like it could be a trudge. But it was a beautiful morning, and suddenly walking seemed liberating . It gave me space to think, to breathe in the air, unwinde the brain, and more importantly notice everything round, somethings that in a car just passes you by. Walking through the University I passed over a bridge, and as I went over there was a flapping and a splash. Ducks were skimming across the water and landing, not just one but several. They seemed to be doing it just for fun, and someone else near me on the bridge stopped to look at nature enjoying itself. As I walked to face another crazy day I saw the freedom and beauty of nature, and wanted to be one of those birds flying and skimming....
The image stayed with me through the day, so often I can sink with all that is happening around me, I want to be able to fly above that, to skim.... The opportunity to walk due to a broken car gave me more than I could ever have thought. I'm hoping this is the start of creativity being allowed to come back in my head.....


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