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Monday, 30 December 2013

seven things i learnt in december

december is a whirlwind of a month. you sense daily time galloping towards you and i speak as one who doesn't have excited little people living in their house. the pressure of all that needs to be done before the 25th of the month can be overwhelming. i'll be honest - i haven't kept a list of what i have learnt this month - i'm winging it.

1. when you think you are too busy to learn anything you don't even try to take notes. 

2. it's amazing how good a gate post is at taking pictures. this photo was taken on christmas day morning with my brother and his family.

3. a pop of red suits everyone - see above.

4. when your youngest niece gets a camera for christmas its natural for an auntie to suggest we share one photo a week in postcard form online.

5. no matter what age a child is they will still play with the packaging. a box holding presents from grandparents became this:

which became this:

which became this:

which became a greeting for santa and rudolph.

6. when you decide to post a photo a day in the run up to christmas on your blog, you worry about adding to the daily to-do list but find you have worked in a daily creative outlet for yourself amidst the stress.

7. number seven belongs to jane and her daughter ellie who this month learnt that baking stollen from scratch takes five hours however all that effort was worth it to have their house smelling of christmas baking.

i hope you have had a fantastic christmas and enjoy the new year celebrations. see you in 2014.



  1. Stopping by from Emily's and I love the wrapping adventure! Happy New Year!

  2. Gate post good at taking photos, LOL.
    I like your holiday spirit and positive outlook in #6.
    Thanks for sharing this on Emily's linkup.

  3. Hey there... visiting from Emily's as well! Love your list... and I didn't make one through December either... which means I scrolled through my facebook and twitter feeds to remember what I did/learned!

    I stopped baking a few years ago at Christmas time because - well - I was eating healthier and it just seemed mean to have to bake and not have any! This year - I splurged and it was wonderful to have the house smelling so Christmasy and yummy again! I did manage to give most of it away... so I found balance in that it is doable! (and I totally forgot to put that on my list!)

  4. No little ones in our house either but I'm so looking forward to the grandparent stage...especially for Christmas seasons. I can totally relate to the photo a day creative outlet. I've found the same as a result of the Bible based photo challenge I created. I talk about it in my "What I Learned" post. It's leading to lots of creativity and new learning. Glad to hear someone else fit it in during December. I thought I was crazy. Blessings....