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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

a monday bonus

this morning i woke before the alarm. even with this unusual event i managed to hit snooze numerous times before i got my weary bones out of bed. truly, i am not a morning person. racing around the bathroom and the bedroom in my usual routine of getting ready for work i managed to fire a quick email to a friend and scribble notes about ideas popping into my head before finally getting out the door and turning the key in my car ignition to start my journey to work. there the similarity with yesterday ends.

yesterday i was woken by the alarm, pressed the snooze button several (hundred) times and got out of bed at the latest possible moment, this resulted in a bathroom bedroom scene as today but no time to email friends and certainly no time for thinking up ideas. yesterday morning i managed to put crumpets in the toaster and eat them while running around looking for the scarf that wasn't where i thought i left it but once out the door i found my key fob barely opened the car door and once inside the car realised it wasn't the key fob but the car. a phone call was made. two hours later i started my journey to work.

yesterday i was gifted the unexpected gift of time. sure i put the kettle on, made tea, washed the dishes that were stacked there from sunday and cleared the kitchen but that is where the chores ended. yes i spent time outside with the lovely man who was dispatched to help me and yes i had a conversation with my elderly neighbour who i hadn't seen since she popped in for a sherry before christmas but i also grabbed half an hour to read, to think, to stare out of my window and dream. the routine couldn't be got to and while i waited for that certain time to come around again i slipped out of my work routine and into my rest routine. not until i got home from the shortened work day did i realise quite how much i needed that extra boost of time. the unexpected nature of it in a harried monday morning made it all the sweeter. it reminded me to do that more often - give myself permission to put time aside to think and dream - it's a lifeline that fleshes out purpose and gives life to decisions. and it reminded me -  sometimes it doesn't take as much time as you think.


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