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Thursday, 10 July 2014

thankful thursday

in the wake of travel to do the nice things comes the wave of tiredness, the fogged haze that leaves you begging for rest.  there is no time for rest, the work routine demands attention. the neglected to-do list is long but as each item is slowly worked through and ticked off there is rhythm to the tasks.  a sense of excitement grows as the days on the calendar turn bringing me closer to family and friends visits marked on future pages. the slow and steady, one day at a time pace enables the smallest of windows through which to gain rest. the friend who phones and suddenly dinner plans are made contrasting nicely with the previous nights toast accompanied by butter. the ease of conversation catching up on days missed with chilled wine accompaning the endless chatter. i am thankful for the surprise of it all in the midst of my perceived chaos. when really chaos is what you make it - don't rise to its bait and it becomes stillness, a waft of cool air on a humid day, so unexpected it could leave you breathless. i am thankful.


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