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Sunday, 3 August 2014

best part of the week

for the first time since starting this series with jane, i have no picture. this week my best part of the week is something i hadn't done before. my sister's birthday is next week and while i waited for the answer to my question "is there anything you would like for your birthday"? i decided to buy something small for her to open while she is away on holiday. i found something larger that i thought she might like, only the difficulty was it was in the very end of season sale - the kind that if you buy it, you can't take it back. after discovering this i decided to call and explain, i then took a photo and text her. it didn't go through. i attached the image to an email. it didn't go through. as a final resort i phoned again, this time we spoke over facetime. stood in the middle of the large store waiting for the call to connect, i walk back to the area i found had a 3G connection and wait for the image to match the audio i am already hearing. there in front of me is my sister, her youngest daughter and son crowded around their ipad jostling for a view of the proposed birthday present that i am modelling akin to some tv game show hostess circa 1981. once viewed and approved my sister asks if i am getting any odd looks, i look up and reply in the negative, she tries to trick me by telling me i am getting them behind me, we both laugh. i try to take a screen shot but succeed only in nearly cutting us off; not having enough hands to enable me to hold everything and press two buttons at the same time. we disconnect and i walk towards the cash desk still laughing, the first time i have face timed in a public place. got to love technology.

thank goodness they fit.


Sometimes the beauty of nature just takes your breath away. This was one of those moments.


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