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Monday, 15 September 2014

what i did on my summer holiday

hello friends

it is lovely to be back in this space after taking some much needed rest and relaxation to enable rejuvenation. 

during my time away i had not just one break but two and i finally starting picking up my camera for more than just my daily photo project. i celebrated with friends getting married, i sat on a beach and got a little bit sunburnt, i drove long distances and walked almost everywhere i could, i have mostly worn sandles and was disappointed when i realised my favourite pair are breaking, i have spent time with my mum, time with my best friend and time alone, i have survived days without wifi (and what bliss that was), i finished one book and read two others, i watched the tides go out and come back in again, i drank chilled white wine and was introduced to sipsmiths summer cup, i hugged nieces i hadn't seen for months and heard about new schools and classes from both nieces and nephews, i spent time with old friends and made new ones, i laughed a lot, thought a lot and listened a lot. i realised leaves had changed colour while i wasn't watching, i discovered i could happily live by the sea and that no matter where you travel there is always someone you meet who either thinks you come from where they are from or someone who knows where you are from, i have found and much prefer barley couscous, i have marvelled at how little rain has fallen and have been grateful (for the second year running) i had beautiful weather for my holiday in the united kingdom. i have rooted through family history and have made new project plans, i have learnt my perspective is based on my life experiences just as your perspective is based on yours. i had forgotten that quite often i mix up e's, a's and i's when typing (as typing experiences has just reminded me - and yes, i typed it wrong the second time too),  i have listened with sadness to stories of too many people being taken too soon (why do they always come in threes?), i have laughed at old pick up lines still in use (i was wearing a red dress, it involved chris de burgh - if you are of a certain age you will groan too) and finally i discovered that if you give yourself enough time you finally miss the place you write in and want to come back to. 

thanks for being here when i came back for air.


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