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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Chance meetings

Well, we've recently been away to Devon for the week, staying near a beautiful beach, managing to catch some last moments of summer sun and still enjoying building sandcastles even though we are all over 8:) All perfect except for the lack of internet.....so this is a delayed post.

We decided to go out for dinner. The place we wanted to go was fully booked, so we wandered up the hill and stopped at a place where a good cup of coffee had been drunk earlier in the day. They had a table if we didn't mind waiting for ten minutes. We waited eyeing the table of the family who were about to go so we could have their seats....then unexpectedly the table by the window with the sea view became empty first, and we were given the spot.
All happy and relaxed we chatted away...discussing whether to visit a nearby island the following day. Before we knew it a lady at the next table said 'I hope you don't mind me interrupting but...'.and started giving us friendly advice on where to go. Rather than turning back to our table we carried on talking, she had visited this part of Devon since she was a girl, her and her husband now in their sixties. As we talked the richness of their lives opened up...story after story of where they had lived round the world. Then Ellie piped up that it had been her birthday. When was it asked the lady? 6th August said Ellie. The lady looked taken a back- that's the same as mine'. A bond was formed, more conversations had and a hug on leaving.
We will never see them again- in yet in that hour we shared our lives, and they were more than strangers sitting on a table near us in the restaurant.
Don't you just love it when life brings people across your path,  people who you don't even know their name,  but you will still wonder about from time, people whose conversations made you reflect....true chance encounters.


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