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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Silver or Gold?

Ok.... I know that it's what inside that counts... That appearances don't matter and I still look 35 (or at least in my head). However, got a huge event at work on Friday and need to look the part, and feel confident. So as every girl knows the answer is a new outfit, as nothing feels so good as putting on a brand new dress or skirt and feeling special.
So, equipped with credit card I go on my hunt for an outfit. I try on a red suit (thinking colour equals confidence) but according to my son look like a tomato. Head to safe old Next and find a dress and jacket I love, and standing outside the changing rooms admire myself in the mirror thinking this is it. At which point a lady standing in the changing room informs mean I need jewerelly, and it needs to be gold as you get to a certain age and silver apparently ages you, leaving you washed out. I am now two inches tall. I love silver, and hate gold (in my head gold is old fashined, not cool, and for old people). I love silver and all my jewerelly is silver. Then my head is reeling, as it also means to a stranger I look like someone who needs to be told how to dress to look younger, which means I definitely don't look 35, and am obvioulsy looking old! Even worse this is on a day when I'm not tired as just back from holiday!!!
So the question to muse yourself with today, is at what age do you need to pack away the silver and bring out the gold....-and what do I do on Friday?


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