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Sunday, 17 June 2012

carry on regardless

for my birthday i was given a voucher to spend at a well known clothes shop. two months later i have still yet to spend it. i am someone who has to fall in love with what i buy, even if just a little bit. i keep an eye on fashion. but. i try to resist the the urge to purchase whatever the latest item is that is having it's five minute fashion window, preferring to buy what suits me. it also has to go with what i already own. i expect my clothes to work hard. 

a couple of weeks ago i went to try and spend my voucher. i ended up in the changing rooms trying on amongst other things a pair of shorts. those who know me know i am not really a shorts girl. i'm more a skirt or dresses girl. but shorts are everywhere so i thought i'd try. in fact i found a black pair that fit perfectly. not only that but they were a very flattering fifties style. i stood looking in the mirror for quite a while trying to figure out what was stopping me from walking out of the changing rooms and buying them. ultimately it was the memory of this video that stopped me.

i am the same age as kylie. that is where the similarity ends. and i must say i tried on shorts not hot pants. i don't think that kylie walks around everyday in gold hot pants, pop star or not. this track was released twelve years ago.  i bet even kylie would think twice about wearing these hot pants now. fashion or demand for stage clothes not withstanding.

yesterday i sat down to read this months vogue. as i have posted before i have been a vogue subscriber for many years now. each year they do an age issue. they highlight women at different ages and stages in their lives. this years cover star is rachel weisz. a woman who in her forties has conquered hollywood and married james bond under the radar. my kind of woman at my stage of life. turning the pages after that interview i was confronted with this image.

yoko ono. a woman who has had more bad press than you can shake a stick at but still she believes in herself and goes on. shorts. she is wearing shorts. at seventy nine. seventy nine. proof if ever it were needed that age really is nothing but a number and confidence at any age will always shine through. i love her attitude. i don't imagine i will be wearing shorts in my seventies if i'm not wearing them in my forties. but. i have no doubt that the confidence i have now will only be heightened by the time i reach my seventies. shorts or no shorts. walking tall is a way of life. i intend to continue doing it. regardless of age.


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