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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


a couple of months ago i joined a choir. i wasn't looking for one. one just fell into my lap. whilst having lunch. a friend of my friend sat at the next table turned out to be the choirmaster. a few days later and i was sat in a throng of strangers singing my heart out. and loving it. i have been in choirs and small singing groups throughout my life. singing is something i do on a daily basis. mainly alone with the radio for company. in my kitchen. in my car. in my office. it had been years since i had actually sung with a group of people, practiced new songs, learnt harmonies. i listened and learnt. many of the songs being sung were ones i knew or knew of but had never attempted to sing. last week we were given a song that i had never heard before. lyrics were handed out and play was pressed on a cd player. a pop song that built and built, cleverly written, emotive, compelling. we set about singing. it was quick to learn. enjoyable to sing with a group of people. it stuck with me throughout the rest of the week. humming the tune when i couldn't remember the lyric.

this is the song. i knew nothing about it until last wednesday. sunday night i watched a documentary on how it came to be made. last night i watched it performed in front of buckingham palace. and sang along. loudly.


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