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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

margaret and davey

these last few days i've been running to catch up. you know the kind of days - the to do list is long and no matter how many items you cross off the top you can't keep up with the ones you are adding to the bottom. late last night whilst answering email on my phone a mail arrived that made me stop and then made me go aahh and keep looking. it was a photograph i had never seen before, my sister forwarding it to me from our auntie. it is my grandparents wedding photo.

today i have been in meetings all day not until the end of my working day did i check my mails. this time my mum had forwarded another photo that i had never seen. my grandma (second from the left) with her sisters ina (left), isabel (second right) and her brother bill (right).

on seeing my grandparents wedding photo my first thought last night was "gosh mum looks like grandpa" - something i have always known but this picture seems to highlight it more to me. something that amused me last night as i look very like my dad. tonight i was struck by how much my grandmothers genes are passed on - not just to her daughters but her granddaughters and great granddaughters. i can only marvel at how we are all made and how that happens.

thank you jenny for passing the photos on. now, i must get round to transferring that paper family tree into a digital format, another item for the to do list.


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  1. Hi Emma, hope you are well! It is great to see these pictures! I had seen the top one before but not the bottom one. My reaction the top one was "wow I can see dad and ash in grandpa" I also thought grandpa just looked exactly how I remember him! Granma looks so different, but I can see Kathleen in her! And as for the bottom one I can see lots of people in granma, including myself! Genes sure are amazing! I am looking forward to the family tree :-) thank you, Lynn xx