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Friday, 3 May 2013

this time next year...

a couple of weeks ago i chimed in on a conversation about winning the lottery and how much money it would take to live a millionaires lifestyle. as the conversation progressed it became obvious that a millionaires lifestyle cost you whatever you expected a millionaires lifestyle to look like, whether that was living mortgage free or having the ability to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. what struck me was the talk around what you want verses what you need

this past week i have struggled to juggle balls that give me everything i need; wants went out of the window. so too did the concern i was wanting too much. this week gave me new eyes for what i have and by the end of the day yesterday i realised i had appreciated life on a small scale; i had mailed words of admiration, text words of thanks, listened to a friends relief that overwhelming circumstances and illness had left her house, sat outside and basked in sunshine long enough to warm my skin, realised my strawberry plants were sprouting (and the lawn needs mowing), listened to birds sing, ate a little bit of what i fancied, drank a little bit of what i fancied and supported a friend who each week teaches a class of willing amateurs to become one voice. i was rewarded with connection and a huge amount of laughter. 

yesterday reminded me that looking outside of yourself reaps riches and when you have that kind of gold who needs to win the lottery.


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