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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

family outtakes

posting outtakes. life is busy. too busy. the next couple of weeks i have down time. but  first i have to swim through the sea that is my to-do list. last night a jar of salsa fell out of my fridge. thankfully it didn't smash, it landed on my big toe, i have a beautiful bruise to prove it. it's been that kind of week for the last couple of weeks; a week where the worse could have happened but didn't, bruising sustained but ultimately all is well. i'll be taking a break from this space too. unplugging the virtual to embrace the actual and looking forward to extending my weekly rest to a daily one. and did i mention there is a heat wave here? for the first time in a long time sunscreen is top of my packing list for a uk break. i can't wait.


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