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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Leavers Service

Well, to-day was the final church service at my daughters school before she leaves on Friday. The final dash from work to make sure I'm there on time, arriving in the work suit feeling slightly out of place compared to everyone else.
I've been doing the dash to the special church services for 10 years, it was strange sitting in the pews to think to-day was the last.

As I sat and gazed at the glass windows, sunlight streaming through it was hard not to get nostalgic. To-day though was a fitting end, as each child who was leaving stood up and read out their final memories. At the end candles were lit, and held by each child who is moving on, as they formed a circle round the rest of us.

It was moving, a symbol of hope, and light leading the way.

On a hot,balmy day I sat, watched and took in the moment.


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