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Thursday, 10 October 2013

thankful thursday

these last few weeks have been dominated by a looming deadline that seemed not only unachievable but totally ridiculous to try and attain. whilst the finish line is still yet to be fallen over, the majority of the work has been done and that which is still required is slowly falling into place - i might even dare to dream that the deadline will be met. as it has closed in it was tempting to give up my rhythm of resting on sundays to give myself a chance to get ahead without adding more stress on top of an already stressful circumstance. but this week i am thankful that i kept the routine - it has shown me more than ever the importance of rest. if i had carried on working on sunday and turned my six day work, one day rest routine back to a seven day work one i know i would have been on my knees - i was running on empty. taking time to get out of my house to go and see a film, spending time with family and friends and finally flopping on my sofa to watch the next episode of downton abbey was just what was needed. suddenly the workload that lay ahead on monday seemed achievable. and achievable it was. 


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