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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


you feel it coming towards you 

swelling like the tidal sea 

it might have begun last week 

or last month

but as just as it arrives 

it leaves. 

a day

a tuesday

or a friday 

it will be all days over the years

you welcome the guest of your memory

and greet your old friend grief.

you wonder where does the time go?

how did you meet up so quick?

you smile recalling the tender

the bittersweet complete.

a look

a joke

and a story 

they all spring up into your mind

and you realise time has not withered

rather sharpened clarity of mind.

this is how you remember him

a booming voice 

a loud shirt

a large laugh

and with that you clink cheers with your memory

being thankful you shared the old times.


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