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Saturday, 2 November 2013


A day off from work, and though the weather was gloomy looking out of the kitchen window the garden called. Piles of leaves needed raking, wind fallen apples rotting on the ground needed collecting.  Wellies on, rake in hand something white caught my eye. Coming up close they were tiny little mushrooms. Raking more leaves away another type of mushroom was uncovered - we were then on a hunt. Half an hour later we'd found five different types growing in our small patch of garden. I've never noticed them before, we don't usually have mushrooms in our garden, but the warm wet conditions has obviously proved perfect.
And for me? It was one of those small pleasures of discovery and enjoyment that appear from no where, when you have the time and space to wander and appreciate. Next step is to find out if any are edible…….


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