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Sunday, 9 February 2014


So here we are in February, and this I think is only my second post of the year. I can't quite believe it -January just seemed to disappear, one minute it was getting used to being back at work after Christmas, the next minute it was suddenly today, and just a second to catch breath in between.

One thing I have started doing this new year is writing down each day at least two things that have been good. It doesn't have to be big things, but things that have made a difference in a good way to my day. It's been about within the blur noticing the gifts in the day, so they don't just slip away unnoticed.

However, one of the real big gifts in January was spending time with my family. This may sound odd, I live with my family every day, however I don't have many relations, my parents have both died and I'm an only child, which makes my family circle small. But I do have distant family (one of those real distant family relationships that is nearly too difficult to explain), and January brought the celebration of my Auntie's 90th birthday.

My Auntie is an amazing lady, 90, full of faith despite hard times, still living on her own, and able at the end of the celebrations to stand up and give a speech without notes. It was a truly special occasion, I felt so privileged to be there, and even more so as the love that is shown does not take note of being a 'distant' relative, to them I am family, and that means the world.

Before the event my 'brother' sent me some old family photographs that he had found whilst getting photos ready for the event. Now I know these photos mean nothing to you, but to me there are so many memories behind them, to see them again brought a tear to my eye. And that's the other thing- family know your history, know your stories.

After the party we sat and chatted, and later looked at family trees, putting another picture to a name. It was about knowing where you came from understanding those stories.

So here for you are a couple of my memories, plus me with the birthday girl, who looks as stylish as ever. Forgive the blurriness, it's worth it.


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