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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

monday night, like any other...

last night i joined my sister and went to see her eldest daughter sing in her choir. only this almost nine year old was performing in an arena capable of holding twenty-three thousand people at its capacity. her school joined with other schools in the area to sing a programme of songs linked by young voices her voice was one amongst eight thousand three hundred and seven children from the surrounding manchester area. suffice to say it's not like it was when i was in a school choir, i was quite moved by the scale of it. tonight i popped in to show her the videos i had taken - she is hoarse - not a little bit but a lot - she sang and danced her heart out and loved it. oh, and did i mention - in a choir of eight thousand three hundred and seven children - we found her? it helps that she was stood on the back row of her block in front of the "o" of the banner that stated the name of her junior school (for the record under the "o" of junior), and that she has very distinctive dance moves - if you know them of course, which we do.  and boy could we tell she was having a good time. this video is of the pop medley they sang, which happens to be her favourite.


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