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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

love idol

this week has been one of those weeks. not enough rest and as an introvert on the myers briggs scale - not enough time alone to recharge. a week where i've had to sort out a mouse (although i suspect mice) that is clearly gaining access to my house judging by the gnawed kitchen waste bin under my sink and wrestle a wasp into a towel and out an open window before taking my morning shower. it's also the week where i realised at 5am the dress i planned to wear to work the next day was actually hanging up in my house and not in the bedroom of my friends house where i was staying, don't even ask me how i managed to forget it and not realise. a week where thoughts were plagued with all that is bad about myself, in my view of course. i've discovered my resistance is around three months - three months of busyness with little time to myself turns out to be end of my road.  

thoughout this week i have been reading on friends blogs about what they are either giving up or what challenge they are taking up for lent, today the one that hit me square in the face was jennifers. jennifer has written a book called love idol and in it she writes about letting go of our need for approval and seeing ourselves as god sees us. she has a whole love idol movement going on right now and has made available free printables to visually remind you. i've printed and framed mine and it's currently residing here

but jennifers is residing here

(photo courtesy of jennifer dukes lee)

this fearless lady is giving up mirrors for lent. you can read about it here. now i have to be honest, this has got me thinking the most. honestly? because i don't think i'd be able to do it. just last night i stood in front of my full length mirror trying on outfits as there isn't one in the bedroom of the friend with whom i am staying this weekend. 

i realised whilst reading her post that the printables have already helped me this week. when an old friend came a-calling - good old negative self talk - telling me i'm not worthy of love, not intelligent enough, that there is no way circumstances can be changed towards my dreams - what was i thinking? after a sustained period of listening to this little voice of not enough i stood up and read the words reminding myself i am beloved, preapproved, cherished. we all know to keep physically healthy it's important to eat right and exercise regularly it's no different for our spiritual and mental health and now i have a physical reminder of the healthy food i should be taking in daily.

thank you jennifer and may this kicking of love idols continue beyond lent, up to the books release and beyond.


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