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Friday, 28 March 2014

seven things i learnt in march

march, the official start to spring - no matter which data you use. have you noticed how all of a sudden the colour yellow is everywhere? to me that's a sure sign that spring has sprung. after the last three months of crazy-busy i officially tried to slow down - it kind of worked - at least i noticed things i was learning, i just didn't write them down. so here goes, from memory seven things i learnt in march

1. you can shake your iphone to delete a text. i'm super blown away by this. ever typed a text and decided to phone instead? don't sit with your finger on backspace - just shake and you'll see this screen.

phone engaged? shake again and it all comes back.


2. drinking water from plastic bottles that have been left in cars is dangerous. when heated the plastic of the bottle releases dioxin and endocrine distruptors which react with the water. apparently affected water is a common cause of the high levels of dioxin in breast cancer tissue. we should also be careful about using plastic bottles in the freezer and plastic containers or wrap in the microwave.

3. ever wondered why english cider is spelt either cyder or cider? the first press of the apples produce a more alcoholic fermentation and is called cyder, the second press of the same apples produces a less alcoholic fermentation and is called cider.

4.  have you heard of arunachalam muruganantham? he is the man who has created a sanitary pad revolution in india. his story blew my mind this month. i read this article on 4 march, (which apparently became the most shared article on the bbc website that day), and have thought about it most days since. a newly married man he discovered that if his wife bought sanitary napkins monthly she would be unable to buy milk or run the household. he set about impressing her by changing that - his story is an extraordinary one. the bit i have thought about most? the fact he created a product that could bring him riches yet he chose to share it. he chose to make womans lives better, creating female run cottage industries saying "anyone with an mba would immediately accumulate the maximum money. but i did not want to. why? because from childhood i know no human being died because of poverty - everything happens because of ignorance." i urge you to read the article or watch his ted talk.
5. do you wear eye liner? want to appear younger? a tip i received this month is don't go anywhere near the corner of your eye (by the tear duct). start in the middle of your lid heading outwards and then go back to the middle to paint a fainter line but only half way towards the corner. it produces an eye that looks larger and younger as a result. can't guarantee we'll all look like angelina but this image shows what i was taught.

6. what i've learnt about slowing down this month? like the safety information on a plane - fit your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.

7. i've found the voice that has moved me to tears at first hearing.  last night i went to see goldfrapp live and for the first time in my (almost) forty-five years my tear ducts sprung a leak as soon as alison goldfrapp opened her mouth. her voice is beautifully ethereal. click here to enjoy for yourself.


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  1. You know I love #6 analogy. Such a good description. I'm going to watch that Ted talk, you've got me curious. Hope you have a good weekend Emma, love your lists. It gives me a bit of a peek into your life every month.

  2. Trying to avoid the plastics myself, especially since both my mom and aunt are breast cancer survivors. I had never thought about a difference between cider and cyder other than spelling and now I know : ) Visiting from the link-up today. Happy weekend!

  3. The guy from India! Wow! What a story - if only more people had his heart. The plastic thing - I never drink one that has been left in the car and I don't freeze them. I don't even use them as often as I used to. I enjoyed your list - hopped over from Emily.

  4. Love that iPhone tip! Thank you!!!!!!! I've had it happen inadvertently, but I love that I now know how to do it on purpose!