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Friday, 26 August 2011

Bridget Jones Part 2

OK.....well I know this picture looks odd....but here goes. It's Friday, its been a long week and I'm tired. As an aside why when I have more free time do I fill it with more work? My mantra seems to be have space work harder....anyhow thats a blog for another day. So to-day have a meeting with an external client, need to be looking smart, I look down to discover that the jacket I grabbed in a rush this morning is not the matching suit jacket to my trousers.....Yes they both might be grey, but different stitching, different patterns..I don't match!!! Some days its hard to be professional:)
On a different note going to see One Day tonight.....it was from reading that book that Em and I got inspired with 'What are days for'... so thank-you One Day, and Philip Larkin.


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