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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

dear friends

yesterday i started singing a song.  it came out of nowhere.  i love it when that happens.  especially if it happens while i'm in the shower.  you know you are onto a winner if you are singing a song in the shower that came out of nowhere.  it's going to be a good day.  yesterday i started singing around 3.30pm.  last night i tried to find a suitable online link to share it.  none availed.  it's an album track not a single.  today i was still singing it.  whilst swapping radio stations, 6music offered up a link to a series they are doing on the mercurys.  last night they broadcast a show that features elbow's guy garvey talking about the album build a rocket boys! it plays the record while guy explains what each song is about.  the song i have been singing for the last two days is dear friends, the last one on the record.  mr garvey explains that it is the song that elbow are most proud of, not just on this record but possibly ever.  now there is a recommendation if ever i heard one. go listen.  find out what it is all about, all i can say is i echo the sentiment.  i hope they win. again.  


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