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Thursday, 9 February 2012

i heart kevin bridges

last night i watched kevin bridges: what's the story and i laughed hard. for those of you who don't know kevin is a stand up comedian from glasgow. growing up my brother and i used to go to visit our aunt, uncle and cousins in glasgow during the summer holidays. my mum would put us on a bus at chorlton street manchester and they would pick us up at buchanan street glasgow. the funniest journey? when a suitcase fell off the overhead luggage rack whilst in transit and hit a lady whose make up made her look like bette davies in whatever happened to baby jane. i think kevins brand of humour reminds me of those days. days hanging out with my cousins telling tall tales, stories and jokes. they were excellent at all. every one of them. anyway this is the first part of a six parter. i highly recommend. check it out.


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