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Saturday, 25 February 2012


This week has been one of those horrible, stressful weeks. Work has been so busy it has felt at times like I have had no time to breathe, and there has definitely been no time for the brain to recover. Every situation has seemed to require me to be in 'top performance mode' whilst inside my head has been struggling to think straight. There is no place to hide when you are in charge of a meeting. By mid week it all felt too much, and tears started the day, stress turning everything to its most extreme.
But then Friday came, and suddenly there was space. I had a few hours on Friday to myself, a chat with Em, glass of wine followed by the guilty pleasure of watching Pride and Prejudice. Coils slowly release. Unwind. Time to breathe.
Today the weather is beautiful, clear blue sky, sun and the optimism of spring. I have still got shed loads of work to-do, but perspective is regained. Bliss.


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