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Saturday, 4 February 2012

popping in for tea

i love unexpected. especially good unexpected. yesterday morning i woke to a text. "Aey and I might pop around for cup of tea saturday". i have friends who live in far flung places. andy is one of those. bangkok. thailand. what i love about our friendship? no matter how long it has been since we last saw or spoke to each other, we always chat as if we saw each other yesterday. we chat and laugh with ease. the years teach you how special that is. this time we worked out it was only 9 months between visits. last time spring. this time winter. this was the view of my garden while they were here.

it started snowing.

Aey had never seen snow falling before.

it was lovely to see the excited reaction to something i look at and think "i hope it doesn't stick".

they are off to see manchester city play fulham. they will be freezing. they only flew in yesterday. no time to acclimatise for this pair. 

they are off on a tour around europe. happy holidays. travel safe.

i hope it's only another 9 months until the next visit.


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