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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mellow Fruitfulness

One thing I have noticed on being back home are the little signs in the garden that autumn will shortly be upon us.
Spider webs form on the plants, their delicacy and beauty hang like a drape seemingly balanced in mid-air. Leaves are turning yellow at the edges, and most of all the fruit is turning.
Living in a town we don't really 'do' harvest, and it has no special significance. In yet nature is beckoning that harvest time is coming, and the pattern of the seasons is about to turn. This is mirrored as school shoes are put back on replacing the flip flops, and suncream is packed away.
In the afternoon sunlight I am struck by being in the twilight of one season and the expectancy of the next. The time for mellow fruitfulness is shortly what days will be for.


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