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Monday, 3 September 2012

Holiday snapshot

Well, the last two weeks I have been away on holiday, true holiday, with no internet, so no emails, no work, and no Facebook (a massive thanks to Em for all her gorgeous blog posts whilst I was silent). We were also across time zones, so immediately  lost track of what time meant, which was added to by my watch breaking in day 2, so it really was a place with no time, no agenda and no lists to be done.
The contrast was stark; and it took a while to slow down, adjust and appreciate the space. Part of living so fast is you get used to that being the norm, and even though you long for nothing to do, when it arrives it does not always wear easy.
By day 4 I wanted to come home, by day 10 I could have stayed for longer. The sun was bright, the air warm, the water inviting. Most of all there was space to spend time with the people you love, time to read, and time to rest.
In between the resting there was also time to explore the culture and marvel at another countries history;  to learn the stories that have formed them and made them who they are.

Then time to sleep.......


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