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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


eleven years. 

do you remember what you were doing eleven years ago today? 

like the day john lennon died.

or princess diana.

do you remember where you were? 

who you were with? 

the big screen brings news of andy murray becoming the first british tennis player to win a grand slam final for seventy six years. 

forget that i lay awake listening to the radio bringing news across the atlantic in the early hours of the morning. seventy six years to the day. on the same court. in the same place.

eleven years. 

8 december 1980. i was waiting to go to a dental appointment. listening to the radio.

31 august 1997. i was sleeping on the sofa of a heavily pregnant friend. watching the tv.

11 september 2001. i was watching a small black and white portable with a boy who had his dreams come true would have been in those very towers that were flown into.

sobering thoughts.

tonight i went into our local shop. bjork was playing. it transported me back sixteen or seventeen years.  

edinburgh. my dads conservatory. my sister and i dancing around the room to this song. 

some waltzing. some rocking out. a lot of laughter. 

to those of us who have lost loved ones suddenly, you know you don't need an anniversary to remember. 

you never forget. 

but sometimes it is good to give thanks for the good times. and make a song and dance about it.


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