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Monday, 18 February 2013

First concert

This weekend it was time for Ellie's Christmas present. For Christmas as a surprise we'd got her tickets to see 'Little Mix' the girl group who won the UK X-Factor back in 2011.

What was special (apart from the excitement of seeing Little Mix) was this was Ellie's first ever concert. It's one of those rites of passage, you will always be asked and remember who it was you first heard play live, I had the privilege of taking Ellie to this important 'first'.

Em and I were reminiscing over text of what our first concerts where, Em's was much cooler than mine, my parents didn't really do proper gigs (listening to Radio 1 was strongly disapproved of) and I can just remember being taken to see The Wombles, as an attempt at going to something, and my Mum complaining it was too loud!

So Saturday night we got dressed up and made our way to the venue. What was noticeable was that everyone who was going in was female, and the general demographic was 10-14 year old girls with their big sisters or mums. We fitted right in.

Expectantly we waited, soaking in the atmosphere, looking at the stage, watching everyone take their seats.

The background play list music went through the loop of Grease lighting, and Gangnam style, designed to get everyone up and dancing before the big event.

Then, it went dark, spotlights shone out into the crowd. The screams increased, and Little Mix arrived.

It was a true girl event, with screaming, singing and dancing. At the end we all sang again for the encore of the last hit, the audience joining in to 'Change, change your life'. We went away with it resonating in our ears, believing that anything was possible.

The blue Little Mix hat bought on Saturday is still being worn today, the smiles were beaming all the way home. It feels good to know that you've been part of one those first memory moments, and it was good.


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  1. Love this post!! I have wonderful memories of the first concert I ever went to, and of taking a friend's daughter to a first too. So fun!