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Saturday, 2 February 2013

not once but twice

yesterday i realised i hadn't picked up my camera all week. this is not a usual week for me. this week the fog of illness and work stress has crowded in. succumbing finally to the winter bugs of my nieces and nephews, sleep has laid claim to me for much of this week.

as my energy levels slowly increase so too do my observation levels, my ability to look outside of myself, to see the wonder of the world around me and the beauty in relationship. i am reminded that it wasn't always the case that i was this observant or this thankful. it is easy to take life and relationships for granted. i am thankful to friends and family who have offered help, sent encouraging texts or phoned me. that may be a picture that is difficult to take and share in this space but the reminder of the no man is an island mentality is a helpful one and one which can all too easily be overlooked in the name of independence.

so today i picked up my camera, not once but twice. each time i headed outside towards the light. little by little the days are getting longer. spring is not far away.


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