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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Last week I was off on leave most of the week, as it was school half term holidays. It was so good to not have to rush out of bed in the mornings, to have time to sit and read, but most of all to spend time with family.

We played lots of this:

which included lots of bargaining to get the right properties, and me seeming to land on the 'Go to Jail' square far too many times.

We also went for several very cold walks, but it didn't matter, because the scenery was beautiful. The bracing sea air permeated down to what felt like deep under the skin, but in the process my head was cleared of all the clutter that had been accumulating over the last few weeks. It could not fail to refresh and renew.

Sunday and straight back to routine with a bump, washing to be done, packing for a weeks school trip to be sorted. My head reeled in shock at being forced back to reality.
To-day like the rest of this week it has been the full on daily routine. Back to back meetings at work, washing, food shopping and paying bills. In days like to-day it's hard sometimes to think 'What was this day for?' there is nothing exciting like holiday to write about, and some days are just full of jobs that have to be done. Yet within that I'm learning to recognise the moments that help you lift your head from the shore line to the horizon beyond.
To-day I can say God helped me through challenging moments at work, and I've known his peace helping  me through. Sometimes I find it hard to say that, to-day it's been true.

Tonight whilst washing up a song came on the radio. I've heard it a few times recently. and it's one of those that seems to linger in my brain. To-day it came on, and immediately I was transported to a different place, and that's all it takes. Even in a routine day there is still a moment that lifts you away, and that's good. Tonight I'm kicking of my shoes and in my head stopping and sitting in a green garden.


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