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Saturday, 17 August 2013

August so far.....

 August arrived, and after the craziness of July the relief was palpable, as the layers of school, end of term events and weekly activities were removed. I had been longing for a time when everything was less rushed, a time to rest, restore and enjoy. The promise of summer was even shown in the sky.

August started with a visit to one of our local country parks, to hear a tribute band and have a picnic. It's one of those things we always said we would do and never have. In the year where I'm learning how to kick back, and spend some time doing things that don't always involve responsibility it was the year to finally get organised and go. The sky was grey, everyone else arrived with picnic tables and chairs, we had a rug and a basket. It rained. But on a Friday night we stood and danced in a field to ABBA with a group of strangers of all ages, who didn't care about anything, but just enjoying the moment. At the end fireworks lit the sky, we stood and watched. Time stopped, and then in a second picnics were gathered and the crowds dispersed. For a few hours I was outside my usual comfort zone, and it was good.

No summer is complete without a beach, and we are fortunate to have one near-by. The sky at night was beautiful, a true place to forget, to stop and look at the sky.

Followed by beach BBQ's.....

One of the things I most love about August is the time to do those special things. Ellie still appreciates doing things with her Mum, I know I'm on borrowed time, so trying to grasp every moment. Last week we went to Buckingham Palace, and did all things royal. We got excited at getting a gold bag that said on it 'Buckingham Palace' getting tissue paper with gold crowns on and wandering round the Queens garden thinking who else had walked where we were. As a girl believing in royal heritage it was fab.

There was also a twinge of sadness- my Mum would have absolutely loved it. But last week it was about building memories between the next generation of mother and daughter.

So two weeks to go before it all starts again......and in between all the lovely things we've done I'm still looking for that promise at the end of a rainbow of balance, of how to spend time of living in freedom.

I've bought some books, got planned in time by a beach, and the promise of sunshine. I'm hopeful.


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