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Thursday, 15 August 2013

thankful thursday

today i am thankful for sunlight. for the start of this week being a sunshine and showers day, a day spent dodging the rain and looking for rainbows, surely there must be one around here somewhere? the ensuing laughter when finally it was sighted - rather than letting me jump out of her car to take a picture my friend insisted she would turn the car around and chase it - by the time she had done so, it had gone - "i've been waiting for that all day" i said over both of our giggles. for a lunch hour spent on a sunny deck and overcast days turning into blue skied early evenings. for an impromptu one on one dinner with my oldest niece tonight, for conversation about holidays, grandparents and how she has mastered handstands and flips underwater but how her cartwheel was an "epic fail", for the smile of the waitress as she started placing her order with a "please may i have"  and at the realisation that she is growing up quickly, a thankfulness at being taken along for part of the ride.


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