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Thursday, 8 August 2013

thankful thursday

this week i am thankful for the summer, the sunshine that warms and tints my skin - glow. for a reduced schedule not just for myself but for others - it brings rest and allows me to not always be so in touch - virtually or actually. for new phone apps that allow me to chart the route to the house of a good friend who has just moved areas, for the sense of direction i possess when said app was rendered useless when the battery ran flat. for the new house i visited in the middle of the countryside being directly opposite a farm in whose shop i found six beetroot larger than my hand held in a fist - for fifty pence. for finding a recipe that uses not just the beetroot but the abundance of thyme growing in my garden. for friendship that celebrated my birthday late by way of open air theatre in a stately homes grounds. for being in england where even in this lovely summer the rain fell on the proceedings - but only in the interval. for a goddaughter who brought sunshine to a hectic work day when she called to thank me for her birthday gifts (i knew the sound of music would be a hit). for nieces and nephews who shout my name and run towards me with arms outstretched wide when i haven't seen them for a week. for family that not only like each other but love and trust each other too, they are the keepers of old memories and creators of new.


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