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Thursday, 15 May 2014

thankful thursday

the eerie quiet of a usually busy main road causes me to stop in my tracks and take note - the stillness immediately triggers my mind - what sounds am i missing? in their absense i am reminded; appreciate the everyday. the smell of dew evaporating from freshly mown grass on a humid week day morning, a cloudless blue sky perfectly highlighting the newly budding greens, the wind lifting dandelion clocks as if on its breath and forcing my hands to clamp my thighs as my black cotton skirt swirls upwards whilst walking in the warmth of the spring sunshine, birds appearing in such number i fear my garden is being dive bombed even without seed in the feeder. in a week when a friends health circumstances have changed i am grateful for my senses and heed the reminder to embrace all that surrounds that we all too often can take for granted.


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