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Thursday, 8 May 2014

thankful thursday

this week i would be lying if i gave you a list of things i'm thankful for. to be frank, these last couple of days i've been anything but. some weeks are like that aren't they? we fall down the hole of frustration and self pity. i've tried really hard not to - i've remembered to be thankful for what i have got - a job, a roof over my head, a family. then yesterday i received this -

my friend knows me well. we all have a tendency to compare ourselves with others and this week i have been guilty of doing just that. this week i believed i was less because my life isn't perfect - but you know what - no-ones is. on a bad day we tend to forget that. so here is my reminder to you and to me - we are not perfect, never going to be, weren't made that way but what we are is gloriously individual, fantastically gifted (in at least one thing, honestly it's there - go look for it), capable of being compassionate in ways we don't expect, and the owner of a sense of humour with the ability to laugh so hard you fear you will not be able to catch your breath again. 

i have been told more than once by friends this week that they wished we lived closer. i guess i should add to the above list - never forget we have the ability to communicate with others. with that connection comes the giving of the precious gift of our time, a gift that once shared is something we only benefit from.

thank you jane.


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