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Thursday, 22 May 2014

thankful thursday

this week i am thankful to find the funny in the mundane. stuck in rush hour traffic this week i have laughed at the pink flowers growing above the yellow tinged box hedge of a house that has pink and yellow stained glass windows - have they really planted their garden to match the house? a mother and son who i usually see cycling the school run have had a change. this week the mother was cycling with a rope from her bike seat attached to the crossbar of her sons scooter pulling him along. warm mornings have called for rolled down car windows, enabling me to hear the mothers laughter at the sons cries to not cycle so close to the overhanging greenery along the route, complaining he got a mouthful of leaves. stuck in traffic on my side of the carriageway the other direction is clear apart from a teenager on his bike. from a distance he appears to be riding hands free, as he draws nearer i realise he is but is holding something in his hands - his white earbuds give him away, changing tracks on his ipod whilst cycling? i couldn't help but laugh. i'm grateful that even in the hum-drum of everyday life there are triggers for my sense of humour.


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