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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

both sides now

my compos mentis day began with an email exchange with jane. i'd mailed her last night telling her i was flummoxed when her favourite song ever didn't appear on my phone as the killers mr brightside but as diversity and inclusion love has no labels. a glitch i discovered was rectified on my iphone when i reloaded the page (fyi). low and behold there was an image of mr brandon flowers before me confirming my first thought. i fired off an email exclaiming my relief. jane's retort this morning was to ask what my favourite song ever was. i had no answer. i love music and listen to an eclectic mix, some of which i have shared here but my favourites change through decades and seasons. an answer which when received, jane expressed relief as that was what she had suspected.

it's bugged me today. 

it's been a busy work day with not much room for thinking about favourite songs ever but coming home and putting my hands in the washing up bowl, the monotony of the task let my mind wander.  i thought about the last album i had bought. the album is by joni mitchell and is called both sides now; it's the title track i bought the record for. the reason i bought it? it's a beautifully orchestrated updated version of the well known song. and it reminded me of one of the things i love about music; how youth can have it's own arrogant attitude and how age and experience can add gravitas. both sides now was written in 1969; the year i was born. i can't remember when i discovered it but certainly more than a decade later. the second version was released in 2000 over 30 years of experience can be heard in her second vocal. boy, is it powerful. those who have ever watched love actually with me will know that without fail i always tear up when this song accompanies emma thompson's character karen in the scene where she realises the jewellery she thought her husband had bought for her for christmas had obviously been given to someone else.

have a listen for yourself. 

both sides now 1970

both side now 2000

i think my favourite songs will always change but as ricky wilson on the voice uk says - a vocal has to make him feel something if he is going to engage with it. i couldn't agree more. to me, this song is a perfect example.


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