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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Talk of Tuesday

Today has been a big day in my household. I don't often talk much about my kids here, but seeing as we are in count down to close off on the blog here goes.
My son is really into maths. By that I'm talking huge into maths, he is 17, and will sit and do equations for fun, reads maths books in his spare time, and I'm now used to pretending to understand when he talks maths.
Today his hero came to school, he met him and he signed his book.

So tonight the talk in our house has been Simon Singh, the excitement palpable. Even more so because he has asked to see something that my son has written, so tonight we've created a blog. If you fancy a look here you go: www.goodtobeageek.blogspot.co.uk
It's been the talk of Tuesday.


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