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Thursday, 5 April 2012

higher love

when the alarm went off this morning i was in such a deep sleep that i thought the alarm i could hear was my visitors, not mine. suddenly i realised it was my alarm i needed to hit the snooze button on. coming to i heard a neighbour putting their bin out. in my sleepy state i realised i hadn't put mine out. pulling on last nights clothes bins were put out and on return a bathroom entered. standing under the shower running through all the things that the day would hold (read to-do list) this song came out of no-where. singing ensued. work load was heavy today, not much time for mind wandering or humming. walking in my front door, free of the week and looking forward to a long weekend full of family, friends and celebrations, i started singing it again. i remember the video. i didn't remember chaka khan. so 80's. enjoy.


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