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Sunday, 29 April 2012

weekend lunch

this weekend i went to visit jane. despite the rain the journey was quick. i arrived to a half full household. and. a very quiet nine year old. she had spent the week away with school and had arrived home not feeling 100%. this is ellie.

there were two new things i learnt about jane this weekend. first. even if her children are ill she doesn't let them watch tv all day. second. much like my dad used to take us swimming every saturday. jane's dad used to make soup for lunch on saturdays. this was how ellie was enticed into the kitchen. the promise of butternut squash soup. 

first the chopping.

then the cooking.

followed by the blending.

the soup is almost ready. just needs some heat.

whilst waiting, ellie was presented with a chocolate bar.

this is not just any old chocolate bar. this bar is a special thames water golden ticket giveaway chocolate bar. as ellie had been on a school trip her bar had been saved for her to open when she got home. it was presented by her dad. all of us looking on as she opened. 

this was what was inside.

and this was ellies face when she realised what it meant.

the family were already successful in the olympic ticket draw. this is the second bite of the cherry. the challenge for ellie? who to take with her. the bribery has already commenced. 

excitement over. lunch eaten. not even olympic tickets can make her feel better. but. maybe. tv time with her big brother is just what the doctor ordered after a week away. i hope she feels better soon.


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