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Sunday, 1 April 2012


To-day was half marathon day. Before you faint- no it wasn't me running, we were there to support my very disciplined other half, and a few friends along the way.
It's always an adventure going to support; firstly you have to get your car inside the road closure zone at a stupid early hour on a Sunday morning. Once inside the zone we wander to a friends house, where bacon rolls, coffee and cake welcome us, perfect.
Then the waiting starts by the side of the road. First a few runners speed past, then we wait some more. Finally, you hear the patter- the sounds of many feet hitting the ground and the crowd comes before you, wave after wave of runners going past in to what becomes a blur. There are the serious, the fun runners and the ridiculous (who would run as an apple?) but we stand, watch and clap.

Finally, we break the rules in the car going through the back streets to get to the stadium for the end. The elation from those that finish pass to those who have watched, the silver foil wrapped round the runners at the end sparkles in the sunlight.
It is a sunny Sunday, and re-united we walk slowly back as times are compared between friends. I will never run a half marathon, but to-day it has been a good day to share with those who have worked so hard through the winter months to get to to-day. And to whoever was wearing that mankini; there is only one question to ask- why??


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