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Thursday, 9 August 2012

first steps

jane wrote a fantastic post about her experience at london 2012. i have been an armchair supporter for the duration; following friends and family's experiences through photographs on facebook and twitter. i work with sports obsessed men. the tv in our reception has been tuned to the olympic coverage for the duration of the working day. as the commentators excitement increases, so too does the speed and volume of their voice. this is your cue to get up from your various offices and congregate in front of the tv to find out which member of team gb has secured what colour medal or who has missed out sometimes just by a whisker. the other sound that has been ever present is the theme tune. elbow were commissioned by the bbc to write the theme tune for their olympic coverage.  this is elbow and passion pictures talking about the making of and the inspiration behind the music and the animation for the tv coverage.

if you want to listen to the full track go here. if you want to read further about the inspiration go here. elbow have now made the piece available for download with all proceeds going to children in need, you can find more details here


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