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Sunday, 5 August 2012


this week has been chilled. it has mainly involved working and watching the olympics. sport unites. this week has certainly united our country through sport and i have only watched it through a television screen, i can only imagine how friends and family have felt being there in person. last night i was babysitting. my nieces stayed up late to watch jessica ennis win gold. having studied her in school they were really excited to see her fulfill her potential, as was i. it was indeed a super saturday with both Greg Rutherford & Mo Farrah also winning gold in the olympic stadium. it is inspiring to see how these individuals believe and expect the best outcome. they give their all with positivity. the joy and surprise at winning as was the case with katherine copeland was infectious. there is a lesson for all of us there. work hard, expect the best but don't ever take anything for granted. i'm off to watch andy murray hopefully add more than a silver medal to our countries medal tally.


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