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Sunday, 26 August 2012

slowing down, reluctantly.

this week i have mainly been ignoring my body telling me to slow down. by wednesday i was wrapped up in a winter fleece whilst everyone else was short sleeved for the 20+ degree weather. i called it a day. thursday i was back in the saddle and friday brought a trip to york to visit a friend. when i awoke on saturday morning most of me ached. there was nothing for it. saturday was a duvet day. a comfy spot was found on the sofa, comfort food was made and eaten, tv offered film after film. heat giving way to rain of the thunder and lighting variety made the whole experience feel guilt free.  i'm not always good at stopping, responsibilities crowd in and can sometimes feel weighted. other times i can see the value of spending time on myself. this week i carried on and didn't realise my aching body was objecting, it still is. good job it's a long weekend. i'm off to make banana on toast and a cup of tea and find a spot on the sofa again. maybe today i will have the concentration to start reading the book jane sent me last week.


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