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Monday, 13 August 2012

Plans fulfilled

Well, the olympics officially closed last night, with the flame being extinguished. It has defined the last two weeks, as everyone has talked, watched, screamed at the tv, cried and talked some more.

One common theme that all the athletes have spoken about in their interviews is how much work over such a long period of time they have put into training, preparation and being ready to compete. On Saturday I listened to an interview with the GB Women's Hockey coach. He spoke of how the olympics had been the end of something they had planned for over seven and a half years, and the stages that they had gone through along that journey.
As I sat and listened I reeled. I cannot ever imagine working and planning for something for seven and a half years. I struggle to plan what I am going to do in a months time, and certainly do not have goals for the different areas of my life of where I want to be in the next 4-7 years.
I am awe struck at the dedication, the focus, the perseverance. I get frustrated if plans aren't realised quickly, I want the instant success.
The Olympics showed those people who have worked for longer term success. Seb Coe talked of planning for the last 12 years to make the Olympics all it has been.
I am humbled, and challenged by what I have witnessed, and want to learn some of that tenacity, focus and perseverance, rather than wanting it all now.
The joy we had the privilege to witness was of plans fulfilled, and their days had been about working for that dream.


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